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Call for Papers on the future of the EU - what role for the European Council?

We are looking for interested Bachelor, Master or PhD students (focusing on European Union politics) that contribute to our project by a paper on the role of the European Council for the future of the European Union. The paper might address the following topics:

  • The role of the European Council for future EU-UK-relations
  • How does the European Council shape Europe's digital future?
  • Theories on grasping the role of the European Council
  • The European Council's corona crisis management

The length of the paper should not exceed 15 pages.

The author is further invited to present the paper at the TRACK Conference which is scheduled to take place on 10-11 June 2021 in Brussels or online. Speakers invited to the conference are inter alia Herman van Rompuy (former president of the European Council), Brigid Laffan (European University Institute) and Jim Cloos (Council of the European Union). Travel and accommodation costs will be partly refunded by the project.  

Please send a short letter of motivation including some remarks on the focus of your paper and a CV with information on your academic background to Lea Hopp (lea.hopp@uni-koeln.de) at latest until 12 February 2021.

The selection results will be communicated by 19 February 2021.

The final paper is to be handed in until the end of May 2021.

The paper will be reviewed by Prof Dr. Wolfgang Wessels.